10 Awesome WordPress Popup Plugins

Whether you use WordPress for your business or even just as blog or hobby site, one thing remains true, getting people to opt in to your mailing list or newsletter is essential. From a business standpoint it gives you a closed market that you can promote to, and from both perspectives it allows you to give your followers targeted, quality information.

Using popup windows was once frowned on as a ploy used by marketers who were just out to grab your cash, but it has entered the mainstream, with large scale and legitimate business and website owners using popups to gather email addresses, ask for social network shares such as Facebook likes, or to promote the latest and greatest product/service.

For a long time I resisted popups, and still find that on some sites they can be annoying, but done right they are very effective! There have been case studies showing that the use of a carefully worded popup can increase mailing list sign up by a lot, often hundreds of percent, extreme cases showing a thousand percent increase in signups.

I have gathered, in my opinion, the best free and premium WordPress popup plugins for your viewing pleasure. I haven’t reviewed all of these on ApinaPress just yet, so if there are some you would like me to review in more details, just give me a shout in the comments!



A high quality premium optin plugin, with plenty of scope for creating variations. It’s slick and easy to use.

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Popup Dominator

Popup Domination

A very slick popup plugin which is very easy to use, it creates a lightbox style effect and is mainly aimed at gathering email addresses. One aspect I found pretty awesome, was the ability to have a video in your pop up!



An up and coming WordPress popup plugin, Pippity allows a great level of customisation including pre built templates, style customisation, targetting of post types and the all important A/B testing. It also supports about 20 systems, including the ever popular Aweber, as well as Mailchimp, Feedburner, etc.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups

From an Elite author over at CodeCanyon, Ninja Popups is a best seller with some really funky features. Aside from the standard popups, it allows video popups, as well as inline content sign up forms (not popups), and also social popups. A very well rounded plugin. One unique feature is to have a custom overlay when the popup appears so you can use that to reinforce your message.

Sugar Modal

Sugar Modal Windows

UPDATE: This plugin is no longer available 🙁

This is from one of my favourite plugin authors, Pippin Williamson, and while it isn’t specifically aimed at gathering all those emails and likes, the plugin is so open that it allows you to put virtually anything into the popup. From basic text and images, to video, whatever you can add to a post it can have too. Perfect if you need something more informative rather than email grabbing.

Ad Plus List Building

Ad Plus List Building

If you need responsive popups, you should check this plugin out. Not only that but it has exit popups as well.

Social Traffic Pop

Social Traffic Pop

Sometimes you don’t want or need to build a mailing list, but instead focus on getting your amazing content shared across social networks. That’s exactly what this popup plugin helps you with.

WordPress Popup

WordPress PopUp

From the very talented folk over at WPMUdev, WordPress PopUp is a slick plugin giving you some great features at an even better price, FREE! It’s can’t hold up to some of the premium alternatives in terms of features, but will certainly get the job done.

Displet Pop

Displet Pop

A strangely named, but effective pop up plugin.

WP Subscribers


This plugin has a myriad of options, including the in your face pop ups or inline option forms; connect via Facebook; add to some or all posts; basic split testing and a whole heap more.



My personal favourite, used on this site and many others, OptinSkin excels at split testing and has easy to customise forms or if you prefer lots of pre-built ones. Also has inline forms, and fade options. Why not check out my full OptinSkin review?