Most links are downright ugly, especially affiliate or product links, just take a look at Amazons monstrous links!

Clean Links enables you to take charge you your links and make them look clean and function and a lot less scary to the average user.

With Clean Links not only can you cloak you links but you get a wealth of statistics to go with it. Get your click, impression* and click through rate* statistics in both text and graph format for a variety of time periods. You can also export your data to a CSV file.

*These are not available with version 1


  • Easy to set up masked links.
  • Uses Custom Post Types to help keep things fast.
  • Add masked links to posts/pages with just a few clicks.
  • Ability to set link attributes: New window/tab, No Follow, Title
  • Track each and every click.
  • Analytics page with text and graphic reports.
  • See the past 7, 30 or 90 days data.
  • Choose from 3 types of graph: Bar, Pie and Line.
  • CSV export feature.


CleanLinks existing links section

CleanLinks existing links section

CleanLinks Add New Link section

CleanLinks Add New Link section

CleanLinks Reports Page

CleanLinks Reports Page

CleanLinks Reports Page with Graph Showing




Clean Links provides a very easy way to mask links and track the clicks.

Clean links provides statistical data for your links in text and graph format and can be exported to a CSV file.


Log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Go to Plugins > Add New

Click the Upload link and find the Clean Links zip file. Press ok.

Once done, click the activate link.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • WordPress 3.5.1+
  • jQuery enabled in admin

Using Clean Links

To get started go to Clean Links > Add New

There are only two boxes here. The first is the title, so add a memorable title for the link.

In the URL to redirect to box add the link you wish to mask, please include the http://

Then click Publish.

Now go to a new or existing Post or Page and make sure you are on the Visual tab. Select some text or click where you want to go.

Select the text you want as a link, highlight and then click the Clean Links button.

Alternatively you can insert the anchor text anywhere in the post/page by placing your cursor in the desired position and then click the Clean Links button.

A pop up will appear and you can select your newly created link or a previously created link, and click Insert Clean Link.

Update or publish your post/page.

Alternatively you can go to All Links and copy the Permalink of the link in question and use that in posts, pages or elsewhere.

All Links Page

This page lists all the created Clean Links. You can edit and delete these are per normal posts.

This page also shows the redirect url, and permalink url. There are also some basic stats included here.

Add New Page

Here you can add a new Clean Link, simply add a title for reference and the link that needs masking.

Reports Page

This page shows numerous statistics and an export function.


A list of all the links created. Clicking one of these will display the stats for that link.


Shows the statistics for this link including clicks, impressions* and click through rate* for all time, today,  the past 7 days, the past 30 days and the past 90 days

*these will be implemented in future versions of Clean Links.


Provides a handy visual representation of the data, in bar, pie and line chart formats.


You can select different time periods for individual or all links and export them to CSV file (spreadsheet).


These settings will be the default for the links added to post/page content. They can be over ridden on a link by link basis when you add a CleanLink via the CleanLink button on the editor menu.

Open in New Window/Tab. Default behaviour is for links to open in the same window. Note: Changing this option will not affect previously created links.

Set to No Follow. Default behaviour is that the links allow Follow. Note: Changing this option will not affect previously created links.

Set Title. Default behaviour is that the links will not be shown. The title will be the masked link URL. Note: Changing this option will not affect previously created links.



  • Release


  • Minor fixes.