How To Use Keywords

Once you have found the keywords that you think will bring some awesome, targeted traffic to your site, you need to implement them.

Normally keywords are inserted into the post or page that your are trying to promote, ideally both in the headline and the content itself.

 Before or After?

Depending on your writing style there are two choices you can make when writing an article involving keywords.

You can write an article on a subject, providing all the normal quality information and once finished you can go over the article and ft in the keywords where they make sense.

Or you can use the keyword as the basis of the article, almost tailoring it for the keyword phrases.

Both are viable options, both have supporters.

For me I tend to do both. If an article is less about selling and more about informing I tend to write it first and then work keywords in from an SEO point of view.

If the article has an aim of promoting something then I will work of the best keyword I can find.


It is really important to include your keyword in the heading if at all possible. Like everything, try not to force it in, it will look stupid.

If you have a keyword like “create custom menu wordpress” you will not be able to easily insert that into a header (or body content for that matter) without it looking silly.

In that case, either try to find another keyword that reads better, or use some stop words such as:

create a custom menu in wordpress

Whilst it’s not the same keyword, google may rank you for it still and your visitors will thank you for not confusing them!


Using your chosen keyword in the content is also a must. Ideally you should have the keyword in the first paragraph.

After that it can be used as needed in the document. Ideally you want a keyword density (the number of time the keyword appears vs the word count) to be around 1-4%.

Anything more than that will look to Google and your readers like you are keyword stuffing.

 Images and media

Dont forget that images and other media often have Title and Alt tags attached to them. This is HTML coding that enables extra bits of info for the visitor but can also be used for SEO purposes. You can read more about it here – is a picture worth a thousand words.

Both the Title and Alt tags should contain your keyword if possible.