Jump start your internet marketing career with Human Proof Designs

Disclaimer: I know Dom from Human Proof Designs and links in the article are affiliate links. Neither of those factors affect my opinion of Human Proof Designs.

Online marketing is often quite difficult to get started with.

This is generally due to the numerous topics it covers, some of which can become quite technical.

Topics such as:

  • SEO
  • Website creation
  • Backlinks
  • Writing articles
  • Analytics
  • Market research
  • Keyword research

The list goes on but those are the core aspects.

When you are just starting out, all of this can be quite overwhelming, even with helpful sites like Wealthy Affiliate.

A starting boost

My friend Dom realised that many of the new internet marketers were struggling and came up with an idea that helps new and experienced but time strapped marketers alike: Human Proof Designs.

His core service is to provide ready built (or even custom built) websites geared towards affiliate marketing.

These websites cover areas that confuse most newbies providing a great spring board to not only earn cash from but to learn from as well.

Website Creation

The main thing that Human Proof Designs focuses on, is creating you a clean and professional WordPress website.

The website is built using a premium theme and comes ready installed and set up with a variety of plugins that should be considered standard: an SEO plugin, a backup plugin, a contact form plugin, etc.

The sites can be hosted with Human Proof Designs for a cost or alternatively transferred to your own hosting –  the transfer is included in the cost of the site.

Keyword Research

Each site is focused around a particular niche, normally a type of product such as rangefinders for golfers, Pilates equipment, running shoes, etc.

Having the site focused on a specific area is helpful as it doesn’t dilute the message of what your site is about.

The sites can usually still be expanded to cover a range of products and topics related to the original product should you want to.

Human Proof Designs Earning Estimate
Each site comes with a keyword breakdown and earning estimate

Article Writing

Each site comes with 8 professionally written articles that are focused on the products and topics of the niche.

To use the Pilates example, the articles could be on Pilates mats, Pilates DVDs, Pilates exercises you can do at home, how Pilates benefits pregnant ladies and so on.

The articles are written based on the keyword research so you know that they are targeting quality keywords that stand a chance of ranking in the search engines.

You can also purchase article packs should you need more articles and not want to research the keywords and write them yourself.


Search Engine Optimization is a key focus for any website these days, no one wants to have poor SEO as it affects the search engine page ranks (where you appear in Google etc.).

The site creation team at Human Proof Designs know this and each site is set up with the theme, plugins and articles geared towards SEO, giving you a good base for your own SEO adventure!


While not included with the sites, Human Proof Designs offers a safe and reliable backlinking service to help boost your new websites ranking profile.

Training and support

Dom thought long and hard about the existing state of newbies in internet marketing, and wanted to provide excellent support and guidance for visitors to his site and his customers.

As such you can get access to his experience for free via his blog and mailing list.

He also offers some excellent online marketing e-books that can boost your skill set.

If you purchase one of his sites, you also get access to this Facebook group and can discuss issues and ideas related to your internet marketing journey.

This means that you’re not just left alone to wonder what to do, you have a support network and plenty of information to help and guide you should you need it.

Human Proof Designs Sites
These sites sell out quickly, so make sure you get on the mailing list for early notification!

A springboard

These sites are setup to make you money, and while they may do a decent job with no further work, most likely you will still need to work on the sites.

Which is kind of the point. They are designed so that a newbie can get a feel for an affiliate website, how it’s built and how it works and learn from it and apply that learning to the website to make it grow!

This type of site will not make you millions, but are capable of bringing in a reasonable monthly income. You merely need to make sure that the sites are maintained, feed them fresh content regularly  and watch them grow.

Final thoughts

These sites are perfect for newbie internet marketers who want to get their feet wet but don’t quite know how. They are also ideal for experienced marketers who just don’t have the time or energy to set up a new basic affiliate site.

For the price, which is on the low side in my opinion, you are getting a quality website from an experienced marketer, so you know the research is sound.

I think the best thing for you to do is to head over to Human Proof Designs and check out the sites for sales as well as the previously sold sites and see exactly how one of these can help jump start your internet marketing career.