WordPress for Internet Marketers

WordPress and Internet Marketing go hand in hand. With the ease and versatility of WordPress, internet marketers and those that want to make money online, can quickly and easily get a site up and running allowing you to focus on what’s important, starting a business and prospering!

ApinaPress is here to help you with all aspects of using WordPress, from the beginner level right up to the advanced level, including theme reviews, plugin reviews, code snippets, and much more.

If you have a desire to bend WordPress to do exactly what you want it to do, or simply just to change your banner or background colour, all without paying a web designer $100’s just to change your font size, then ApinaPress is the place for you!

Not only that but we will be looking at aspects of Internet Marketing, and how they can be easily incorporated into your site, from SEO, to Autoresponders, to E-Commerce gateways.


New to WordPress?

If you are new to Wordpress I would suggest that you have a read of the Dashboard Guides. These guides explain every aspect of the WordPress backend, to help you get going with using it.

Looking for Themes?

If you are looking to revitalise your site, or to find a quality them, check out the Theme Reviews

Looking for Plugins?

Plugins can add extra functionality and user experience to your site, check out these Plugin reviews.

Advanced User?

If you already know what you are doing with Wordpress, why not try learning what else it can do for you. There are articles on SEO, Coding, Securityand more.