Customisations & Tweaks

If you need tweaks made to your site, theme or plugins, you can now by time credits.

Often these tweaks only take a few minutes, so charging by the hour would be expensive, and giving that time away is expensive for me (Lots of 10 minute tweaks a day adds up!).

Please get in touch first to discuss how many credits will be required, or feel free to buy some and bank them for a later date.

To purchase credits, please Log in or

Credits are €5 each

[mycred_buy gateway=”paypal-standard” amount=”1″ class=”ap_time” login=””]1 credit (€5)[/mycred_buy]

[mycred_buy gateway=”paypal-standard” amount=”3″ class=”ap_time” login=””]3 credits (€15)[/mycred_buy]

[mycred_buy gateway=”paypal-standard” amount=”6″ class=”ap_time” login=””]6 credits (€30)[/mycred_buy]

[mycred_buy gateway=”paypal-standard” amount=”12″ class=”ap_time” login=””]12 credits (€60)[/mycred_buy]

Each credit is worth 10 minutes of time.

Need more time than an hour? Get in touch to discuss your project in depth.

Credits are used in blocks of 10 minutes, so if a job takes 25 minutes, 3 credits will be used up.