WordPress: The Secret is Out!

The WordPress admin is downright ugly!

What with the recent improvements to WordPress functionality including the new media up loader, the UI of WordPress has been neglected. No longer! A new WordPress ui is in the making.
WPMU.org reported recently that there is a “secret” plugin available for download on the WordPress repository offering a sneak peek at the worst kept secret in the WordPress world.

The plugin is called MP6 and transforms your admin dashboard into the work in progress of the future look for WordPress.


I have to say I did not like it when I first installed it, but it grows on you. I am also convinced that the dashboard is “lighter” in weight and is more responsive and quicker. That’s just a feeling though.

So if you can’t wait to have the latest WordPress look, head over to the repository and download the plugin, just be aware, it is a work in progress so is a little buggy.