Dean RobinsonApinaPress is all about WordPress and Internet Marketing.

The site came about as a result of a chain of events. I love all things WordPress and in my attempts to create websites that were not only excellent, but also profitable (hey we all need to make a buck!) I came across Internet Marketing. Right away I realised that these two seemingly different niches were actually intertwined.

So after trawling through all the rubbish that surrounds Internet Marketing and being pulled and pushed, encouraged and discouraged, I found a little island of calm,  Wealthy Affiliate.com, where I discovered that my love of WordPress  wasn’t just about the creation of sites but could be about sharing what I know, and what I learn with other marketers out there.

And so ApinaPress was born.

Err, so you might be asking right now, “What the heck is an Apina?”. Well, good question, Apina (pronounced A-PIN-A) is Finnish for monkey. Enough said.

Enjoy ApinaPress!

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