AP Schema version 1.0.1 issue

Edit: Please note, I have now released a new version of AP Schema, version 1.0.3. This resolves the previous issues and adds in the extra functionality

If you have upgraded to version 1.0.1 you will need to deactivate the plugin, delete it and reinstall version 1.0.2. This will unfortunately wipe your settings.

I am really sorry about this.

Let me explain what has happened.

There was a bug in version 1 where the box would appear above the article title and would really mess up the layout if used with other plugins or themes that show things like Recent Posts.

I finally cracked the issue today, all looked good and I released the new versions 1.0.1

Unfortunately I had not checked other pages which did not use the plugin, and these were severely affected with content and excerpts disappearing.

Once this had been realised I added a new version 1.0.2  which is in fact the original version 1.

It might be due to my inept usage of Tortoise SVN (the program I use to upload the plugin to the repository and it isn’t in my mind easy to use) but for some reason the plugin wont auto update, it keeps stating it requires an update even after doing so.

As such you will need to delete the plugin and reinstall the latest version 1.0.2, which will wipe your AP Schema settings.

I sincerely apologise for any problems or issues caused by this.

I will be working on a fresh update as soon as possible that will be rigorously tested before release.