cbnet Ping Optimizer No Longer Needed

I have used cbnet Ping Optimizer for a long time, fearful of getting into Googles bad books as  a ping spammer, due to constantly editing and updating posts. For those of you not familiar with the plugin  it basically limit the number of time WordPress would ping, or send notifications to other sites, when a post was published or updated.

Now however, Chip Bennett the author of the plugin, has decided it will be discontinued. From his notes on the plugins WordPress directory page it appears he has had a lengthy discussion with another WordPress expert Samuel Wood who is better known to the community as Otto, regarding the effectiveness of the plugin.

The post goes into detail about how WordPress actually deals with pings, in short it already does what the plugin does.

By default WordPress will:

  • Ping the ping list when a post is published.
  • Not ping for draft or scheduled items until they are published
  • Log which sites have been pinged and if the post is edited and updated it does not re-ping those sites.

So what does this mean for the rest of us?

Well put simply it means one less plugin to deal with, we simply don’t need a ping optimiser plugin of any sort. What we do need though, is to make sure we have a healthy ping list in Settings > Writing > Update Services, as these are the sites WordPress pings on a post publish, helping to get your post indexed.

Check out this list if you haven’t got one already: