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Learning how to market a website is something that every business person starting online needs to know, otherwsie your online business will not be as successful as it could be.

Why? There are literally millions of websites out there, statistics put it at well over half a billion in fact. So whilst the internet will allow your business to have a larger reach, whether nationally or internationally, it also means you will be competing against a lot of other businesses out there, all vying for the same thing: traffic.

Without visitors your site is just a pretty leaflet, blowing about in the winds of the internet.

You need to be able to bring your site in front of visitors, so that they can see what you have to offer and to say.

It’s not only important to get people to look at it though, they need to be the right people, ones that are really interested in your area or niche and that are actively looking for a product or service similar to yours.

In order to get your site out there, and take your site to the next level, you need to take control of the marketing.

Internet marketing is often seen as being a bit dodgy, full of scams and is just about people tricking you out of your money. Yes, there is that side to it, but that occurs pretty much in any industry (the building industry is plagued with it for example).

However, internet marketing is not just about someone trying to take your money and run, it is actually an extremely good way to get your site in front of potential customers.

They general principle is that you will make your site rank at the top of the search engines for a particular search term used by your visitors. For example, if your potentail clients generally search for “buying the best Audi” then you want, no, need to be at the top of the page for that search result.

Anywhere after page 1 is irrelevant, few people buying products or services get past result 5, let alone onto page 2 or beyond.

There are plenty of SEO and marketing companies out their that you can use for this service, but generally they will take hundreds, if not thousands off of you each month to enable this.

If you want to:

  Save Money

  Keep Control

  Learn Skills

Then you need to look at taking on the marketing of your site yourself.

Using Wealthy Affiliate you can do this.

Wealthy Affiliate is a site that focuses on self learning of on and off line marketing; how to promote goods and services and how to get your site ranked.

Key aspects of WA are:

Community – hundreds of like minded people of various skill levels all learning to promote and market.

Training – written and video training provided by the owners and community alike, provide a varied wealth of learning.

Live webinars – weekly live training on various topics.

Websites – you can host unlimited websites with them at no extra cost.

Tools – keyword research tool and inbuilt writing tool.

Live Chat – talk to people in real time, to discuss or ask questions.

Private Forum – over 400,00+ posts all about internet marketing, mean you have a library of resources to use

Using these tools, you can start to improve your businesses website and ranking, bring in more visitors and traffic and potentially start making more money.

Learning the skill set of an internet marketer takes time, and if you have the cash to flash then it may be more time efficient to simply buy the services of another.

If you are a small business, entrepreneur or just setting out and cash is tight, then investing your time and a small fee with Wealthy Affiliate can bring massive rewards if used right.

You can get started with Wealthy affiliate for FREE for 10 days with no credit card required. Simply click the banner below.

Wealthy Affiliate


Not only will you get access to one of the best marketing communities available, but if you sign up to the premium service will get access to my WordPress and tech training I have done only for premium members and be able to contact me via private message for advice and tips!