Structured Data Dashboard Now In Google Webmaster Tools

Google has announced that they have added a Structured Data section to their Webmaster Tools.

The page can show, Microformats, Microdata and RDFa data.

It lists the url of the schema and data and even  incluved the rating you give an item, and author name. Clicking the URL will take you to the Rich Snippets testing tool.

structured data dashboard google webmaster

Google’s own description:

  • Site-level view: At the top level, the Structured Data Dashboard, which is under Optimization, aggregates this data (by root item type and vocabulary schema). Root item type means an item that is not an attribute of another on the same page. For example, the site below has about 2 million Schema.Org annotations for Books (“”)
  • Itemtype-level view: Google parses and stores a fixed number of pages for each site and item type. They are stored in decreasing order by the time in which they were crawled. We also keep all their structured data markup. For certain item types we also provide specialized preview columns as seen in this example below (e.g. “Name” is specific to Product).
  • Page-level view: Google has a details page showing all attributes of every item type on the given page (as well as a link to the Rich Snippet testing tool for the page in question).

You can find Googles own blog post on it here