How to Schedule a Post

Sometimes when you’re writing you get into the zone and you just write and write and write, posts and articles keep flowing from you, you feel like you could write a novel there and then. And then when your finished you think to yourself “I can’t publish all of these now!” So you publish a few and then a week or two maybe more later find the rest in your drafts.

However there’s no need to, you can automate the publishing with just a few clicks.

When you have finished writing your post, instead of saving the draft or publishing the document, where it says Publish immediately, click the edit link next to it.

scheduling posts 1

Here you can change the date and even the time to when you want it published. Remember to press OK after changing the date/time.

scheduling posts 2

When you have done that, the Publish button changes to Schedule. Press this and the post will will be published at whatever date/time you set!

scheduling posts 3

Simple, easy and helps spread your posts out.