How to Speed Up Your Article Creation with WordPress Shortcuts

When it comes to writing on WordPress the one thing that I tend to find irritating is the post formatting. I’m not sure if you find this as well but it always seems to take me just as long to format it – to add in headers, bullet lists and so forth – as it does to actually write the post!

Add into that my inability to check out help files (I am a man after all, manuals who needs manuals ) and it comes as no surprise that I have just come across some really helpful keyboard shortcuts that make formatting your post much easier! I am of course still awaiting the day the computer will figure it out for me, but until that day these shortcuts will drastically speed up the formatting process.

If you have used a word processor such as Microsoft Word extensively, then some of the shortcuts are second nature such as ctrl-b to bold text, and ctrl-c & ctrl-v to copy and paste text respectively.

The ones I found brilliant are the heading shorcuts (ctrl-1 to ctrl-6) as it was such a drag to have to scroll to the dropdown, find the heading needed and click it!

I have listed the shortcuts below, but if you need to get access to them you need to start by clicking the “kitchen sink” icon in the WordPress editor. This will open up another row of options. On that second row is a question mark ( ? ) icon. Click that and a small modal window will pop up. Select the Hotkeys tab and all the shortcuts are listed there.


The WordPress Hotkeys (Shortcuts)

Rather than reaching for your mouse to click on the toolbar, use these access keys. Windows and Linux use Ctrl + letter. Macintosh uses Command + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
c Copy v Paste
a Select all x Cut
z Undo y Redo
b Bold i Italic
u Underline 1 Heading 1
2 Heading 2 3 Heading 3
4 Heading 4 5 Heading 5
6 Heading 6 9 Address

The following shortcuts use different access keys: Alt + Shift + letter.

Letter Action Letter Action
n Check Spelling l Align Left
j Justify Text c Align Center
d Strikethrough r Align Right
u  List a Insert link
o 1. List s Remove link
q Quote m Insert Image
w Distraction Free Writing mode t Insert More Tag
p Insert Page Break tag h Help

Editor width in Distraction Free Writing mode:


Alt + Wider Alt – Narrower
Alt 0 Default width