InboundWriter Plugin Review

New Plugin on the Block

On page SEO is an important aspect for any blogger or webmaster, but is a vital part of the mix for an Internet Marketer. That’s why I was intrigued when I came across InboundWriter. It’s key focus is on helping you improve the SEO and relevancy of your article in real-time, literally as you’re writing, in order to maximise the potential of your article. This plugin comes in Free and Pro (paid for) flavours.

From the company behind the plugin:

“InboundWriter delivers real-time search and social intelligence as to what your target audience is reading, sharing and discussing online during the content development process.”

The basics of this plugin is you give it a topic based on the article that you are about to write and InboundWriter searches for further information to provide the best and most relevant keywords and terms being used for that topic. Using this real-time research may help to boost the SEO aspect of your article.

Not only that but InboundWriter attempts to correct and guide your writing by offering suggestions on your article, and provides a score for you to follow which changes in real-time so that you can see the effect of your word choices as you write them.

On the Dashboard

InboundWriter dashboard widget

On the plugin dashboard widget there are four main areas:

The Score meter

A simple dial like meter to gauge the effectiveness of your article.

Steps to Improve My Score

Hints on how to improve your Article score.

Focus Terms

These are terms (keywords) that have been used in your article over 5 times.

Relevant Terms

Offshoots of the topics you entered, allowing you to browse different keyword usages and research.

Whats the reality?

So how does actually work in reality? Well from the outset not much seems to happen. You need to insert the 3 topics of your choice and the plugin will start its research. InboundWriter suggests that you should write at least 200 words before it can start to make an analysis, which is fair, it must be hard to work things out from a 3 word title!

So I decided to paste one of the posts from ApinaPress  (How to buy hosting if your interested to know which one), and gave the plugin the topics of WordPress, Hosting and Buy.

Instantly I hit on a score of 82 which InboundWriter puts at the low end of green on the meter, which is nice.

On the dashboard widget it gave me two steps to improve my article, firstly increasing the number of focus terms (basically topical keywords) – apparently i need two for that size article. This seems to be a keyword density checker.

Increasing Focus Terms is relatively easy as these are terms that crop up in your article more than five times, for instance here one would be InboundWriter.

InboundWriter focus terms

Simply by changing one word in the sentence from ‘pick’ to ‘buy from’ I pushed my score up to 90%!

The second step to improve my document stated I should move one of the Focus terms to the beginning of the document. Upon clicking this and reading more it said that one of my focus terms “Hosting” was in the title but should be at the beginning to increase emphasis. Very true. Did I move it? Nope, as the title is a keyword I’m using. If I hadn’t been targeting that particular phrase though I would have re-ordered the title.

One of the other interesting features of InboundWriter is when you hover over a Relevant Term, a little light bulb appears. Clicking it gives either excerpts from other websites about that keyword or a link to search for the keyword. Which is useful as these aren’t the first result on google so you may find information relevant and useful to your article.

InboundWriter  relevant terms

It also provides a Popularity and Competition indicator (when you click a Relevant Term), though doesn’t explain the metrics behind these, but I’m assuming something similar to Google keywords tool.

The latest version of this plugin provide optimization for AdSense users, you can pick what level of interest you have (not important, somewhat important, show me the money! (erm, very important)) which changes the metrics for what you should be including in the article, targeting the highest Cost Per Click rated keywords. How effective this will be is only going to be shown with some decent A/B testing.

InboundWriter  settings and adsense


So what do I think of the InboundWriter plugin? Well it’s handy to optimize your articles, the built in keyword density checker and research tools is useful stuff. Am I seeing anything that you can’t do by hand? Not really unless there’s some under the bonnet algorithms I’m missing.

The Free version has a downside in being the attach to every post you make a link to their site, which is fair.

The only benefit to the Pro version at $19.95 a month is the removal of this link. Not sure that it is currently worth upgrading for that. Maybe for a one off fee but monthly recurring? I would need to see more benefits added to fork that money over.

All in all, a useful plugin that I can see getting better with time.