Installing WordPress

How to install WordPress in about 5 minutes

When starting out in your career in Internet Marketing, people are not always technically minded and it can be a bit confusing how to install WordPress. In this article I am going to explain how to manually install WordPress on your server.

Firstly, you should have already bought and setup your Domain Name and Hosting, if not check out our articles on doing this.

Once that is in order, go to and download the latest version of WordPress.

Using cPanel

Log into your hosting accounts cPanel, its normally

cPanel login screen

We need to first set up a database and user for WordPress to use, so start by going to MySQL Database Wizard on the Databases panel (you may have to scroll down).

cPanel mysql database wizard

Type in something to give your database a name, you will end up with something like wwwtest_testdb. Write this down! Press next.

cPanel mysql database wizard create database

Now create a user, in a similar way to the database and give that user a password. Again, write this information down. Press Create User.

On the next screen click, ALL PRIVILEGES and click Next Step. That’s the completed database so click Return Home.

cPanel mysql database wizard user privileges

OK so now to get your WordPress files onto your site.

Still in cPanel, go to File manager, check that you are in your public_html folder (see the image below) and then press the Upload button. Find the WordPress zip file you downloaded earlier and click Open to upload it. Once its uploaded, close the upload screen.

cPanel file manager

cPanel upload screen

Back on your File Manager screen, find the zip file, right click and press extract.

Find the file named wp-config-sample.php, right click it and press code edit. Don’t worry, we are not going to code anything, just add the details we wrote down earlier to the file. So, where it says database_name_here, username_here and password_here, delete those and replace with the information you wrote down earlier.

cPanel file manager wp-config-sample file editing

NOTE: make sure you do not delete the apostrophes surrounding the words.

Click the Save Changes button in the top right corner.

Now one last thing to do in cPanel, find the file wp-config-sample.php again, right click it and select rename, the change its name to wp-config.php and click the Rename File button.

Close your File Manager window down and log out of cPanel.

The Famous 5 Minute Install

Now in your browsers address bar type obviously replacing ‘yoursite’ with your actual site name.

Wordpress Installation screen

Fill in the details and press Install WordPress.

Once done, the login screen will appear and using you WordPress username and password login and to your new WordPress site!