ManageWP Review

What is it?

ManageWP looks to be a multi site affiliates dream come true when it comes to time saving, because as we all know time is money! As the name implies,  ManageWP offers to help you manage all your WordPress sites from one dashboard and is currently used by 88,826 websites.

What would it mean to you if you had access to your sites from one dashboard?

  • Upgrading WordPress, your themes and plugins, with one click, across all your sites! (Just think how much time that could save you!)
  • No more hunting for the right password in your notebook or spreadsheet, you can simply access each website with a click from the ManageWP dashboard.
  • Full backup system for the database or the entire site either manually or set a scheduled backup.
  • Easy to use set-up system to get a new site up in a matter of minutes. Not only that but it has a clone system to set-up up an identical site to one already existing, allowing you simply to change the content.
  • Bulk operations – need to post something across multiple sites? Add users? Click of a button.

Once you sign up to ManageWP and login in your asked to add your sites, which is easy enough to do. It’s here you notice the first security measure: your site password isn’t saved on ManageWP, but rather you install a plugin on your site which ManageWP hooks into. So yes some slight leg work to begin with, but the savings on time later on make it worthwhile.

Adding a Site to ManageWP dashboard


Once your sites are in you’re faced with the Dashboard are. The whole of ManageWP is based on WordPress so navigating it is intuitive. As you would expect the dashboard gives you an overview of features: updates available, a page view statistics graph, backup tasks, recent posts and more.

ManageWP Dashboard

Plugins & Themes

From here you can install new themes and plugins or manage existing ones. You select websites individually, by group (see below) or all of them, and you have the option to even activate the plugin/theme after installing it! The process is simple and easy to follow.


Straight forward and easy to set up, amend and delete users across sites.


Once more it really is simple to arrange back ups of the sites either manually or scheduled. You have plenty of options here including excluding useless file like cached information or large video files and you can send the backup file to an online service like Dropbox or email it to yourself.

Backup one or multiple sites with ManageWP

Installing or Cloning WordPress

Allows you to create a new WordPress installation either overwriting an existing site or to a new server. Also you can clone a site to a new server which is just marvellous if you need to put the same themes, plugins etc, then you just need to edit a few details and the content.

Bulk New Post/Page/Links

At first I thought wow, great feature. After some thought I actually wondered what could use this for and drew a blank. Still if setting up a number of site from scratch it could be easier to bulk post things like Disclaimers and then edit the site name in them individually. Still, it works as intended.

Bulk posts, pages and links in ManageWP

Other Bells & Whistles

General features such as being able to group sites together in specific groups and being able to add and allow subusers to use the ManageWP dashboard, complete this fully featured plugin.

Note: Not all features are available on the Standard plan so check the ManageWP website before you buy it.

All right, so whats it cost?

ManageWP runs 3 main pricing plans, with various website numbers, and its cheaper if you sign up to a yearly or 2 yearly plan.

They also offer a fourth plan, the Enterprise plan, which is designed for large corporations and is to be self hosted.

ManageWP price list updated


Will all internet Marketers get a kick from this? No, not all, but those that run dozens or even hundreds of WordPress sites, will find plenty of uses from this plugin.

Can ManageWP be improved? Well, yes everything can, but this is a polished product the effort and hardwork put into it clearly shows.

It is priced pretty reasonably, 10 sites only being the price of a beer a month for the standard plan and it scales fairly well. And right now if you sign up to the Pre-order Period you can get 30% off.

So if it this plugin interests you, go give it a try, ManageWP have a demo version on site which is fully functional, mess around with it and see if this is something that can free up some of your precious time to incvest in other things, such as making money or living your life.