The Power of Article Marketing

Article marketing can be a powerful tool in your internet marketing arsenal. It can not only provide backlinks to your website, but actually help provide visitors to your site and to help you create a reputation in your niche.


The most basic use of an article is that it will provide a backlink, therefore link juice, to your website, helping it push up the rankings. This is especially true if the article it self has been linked to by others.


Some people don’t believe that article marketing can bring in traffic except via the roundabout method of the article improving ranking and therefore you get more search engine visitors.

This isnt true. If the article is on a decent site or article directory like Street Articles, then they article are ranked high for their keywords and do get read by people.

Let me give you an example, it is a bit extreme but will help get the point across.

There was an article written about a new book that had come out and set the female world on fire. It was a mere 436 words long and in my opinion not a brilliant article.

Within 5 days of it being published it had got 95,459 views… at the time of writing this it had gotten over 500,000 views.


Image courtesy of Wealthy


Obviously this person wouldn’t have gotten 500,000 visitors to his site, but with a modest CTR of 5%, that’s still 25,000 visitors.

From one 400 odd word article.

There is power in article marketing. Now yes this person managed to get on a hype bandwagon at the right time to achieve these results, but it proves that if you write articles about what people are looking for, people will click through. If they are quality as that’s even better, a higher chance to click through.


Writing quality article also benefits you in another way, by increasing your reputation in that field.

Imagine you write an in depth article on tortoises and a tortoise lover came across it, found it be be quality, informative and written by a person (people can tell if its been spun). They are more likely to follow you on that network if they are a member and more likely to share the article with other tortoise fans.

A snowball effect can then occur where the article gets more readers, you get more followers and the article is shared more.

Then more people want to read your stuff. More people, equals more views which in turn equals a higher click through number to your website where you can then convince them to buy something.

Articles rock!

So you can look at articles in a few different ways now, all of which are positive and can help your site to grow. Start writing now! Both for articles for your site, and for article directories to help bolster your backlinks.