WordPress Against SOPA

WordPress has thrown its weight into the SOPA argument today, by posting on its blog and tweeting to its 136,000 twitter followers about their stance on SOPA, and that they are on the side of all right minded individuals in the world that don’t want this bill to pass.

Jane Wells, the UX lead for WordPress says in their blog post:

Using WordPress to blog, to publish, to communicate things online that once upon a time would have been relegated to an unread private journal (or simply remained unspoken, uncreated, unshared) makes you a part of one of the biggest changes in modern history: the democratization of publishing and the independent web. Every time you click Publish, you are a part of that change, whether you are posting canny political insight or a cat that makes you LOL. How would you feel if the web stopped being so free and independent? I’m concerned freaked right the heck out about the bills that threaten to do this, and as a participant in one of the biggest changes in modern history, you should be, too.

She goes on to ask the 60 million plus users of WordPress, to stand up against SOPA and be “an agent of change”. Being such a force on the web, and now formally standing alongside those who oppose this bill, is a great benefit to the Anti-SOPA cause. And the fact that it comes from a company that normally doesnt side one way or the other politically, can only help other companies to get off the fence and choose a side.

Read the official WordPress blog post.