How To Change Favicon

A Favicon is the small icon that is next to your website name on browser tabs, and is helpful in quickly identifying your site and also to improve (in a small way, like its size) your branding.

Creating a favicon can be done really easily. Simply get a picture that you want as a favicon (ideally fairly large, square and simple design) and go to

Click Import Image and select your image and upload it. The program will shrink your image down to 16×16 pixels so expect some changes!

If you are satisfied with what it looks like (look below to the preview or in your own tab for a preview) then click Download favicon. And save it to your computer.

If your not satisfied, you can either edit it a bit in the browser or try and edit it in your own art package or even try a different image.

Once you have the favicon downloaded, you will need to upload it to your website, it goes in your public_hmtl folder. If there is already a favicon there, simply overwrite it or rename the old file.

Not sure how to upload the file? See our guide to using FTP

Now you will have a great looking favicon