WordPress How To: Wrap Text Around Pictures

Sometimes having an image separated from the flow of text works, but other times you really need to be able to wrap text around an image so that it seems to be part of the article.

Within WordPress this is really easy to do if you want the image to be on the left or right. Firstly click in the text where you want the image to go, then select upload media and either upload or select from the gallery the picture that you want in the post.

Float like a boat

Then before you click insert into post, select the alignment, left or right. Once you click insert into post the picture will be floated in your article and the text automatically wraps around A Boatit. The only thing you may need to do if your theme hasn’t already done it is to add a bit of padding around the image otherwise the text is right up against it.

The easiest way to do this is to click the image, edit it (click the scenery looking mini image) and then go to the Advanced tab and where it says Styles type:


and then update the image. This will put a 10 pixel padding all the way around the picture. You can of course change that number to a better one to your liking.

All wrapped up?

Centred images are an issue, there is currently no way in WordPress to wrap text around a centred image. Here you will have to decide, leave spaces either side? Change the image to something wider? Or just float it left or right instead.