WordPress How To Add A Gallery

Having a photo gallery in your posts is a really nice way to display lots of images related to your niche with links going to other pages or posts or even sites.

Inserting a basic gallery into a WordPress post is really simple. So lets go ahead and add a photo gallery in Wordpress.

Add a new post, click upload/insert media and start dragging and dropping all the pictures you want (or manually click find image though dragging and dropping is much quicker).

When all your images are there, click Save all changes. Then you will be redirected to the Gallery page. From here you can choose your gallery settings:

Gallery page
Click to see the full size image
  • Link thumbnails to:
        • Image file – when clicked it will show the image only
        • Attachment page – when clicked it will show the image in a “page” in your Wordpress site.
  • Order images by:
        • Menu order – the order in which they were uploaded
        • Title – alphabetically
        • Date/time – order by the date/time they were uploaded
        • Random – erm, random.
  • Order:
        • Ascending – A to Z
        • Descending – Z to A
  • Gallery columns: The number of columns you want the images to be listed in, note that you may be limited here by the size available in your WordPress theme.

Then just click Insert gallery.

After that its just a matter of adding text and way you go! If you want each image to link to a specific place like a post within your site or an external page with an affiliate link, then you will need to edit that image individually by clicking the Gallery in your post, click show for the image you want the link on and then in the Link URL field, put your link and then click Save all changes.

Of course, if you want or need more features than the WordPress gallery offers you could try out NextGen Gallery.