Dont forget to spelllchek

I just finished writing an article in my shiny new WordPress 3.6 and went to spell check it and my reaction was “Huh? Where has the WordPress spell check gone?”. Then of course I spent 10 minutes checking things out, wondering if it was my recent theme update before doing the sensible thing and Googling it.

According to this thread, the Google API they were using has changed and therefore spell check had to be removed from core. Perhaps I missed this in the 3.6 update announcements but there is nothing in the changelog.

OK, while I do use the inbuilt Chrome spell check, I liked the security of having a secondary one, even if that is also from Google, perhaps it’s a mindset thing. For those people out there not using Chrome I would suggest one of the following:

  • The Jetpack extension After the Deadline
  • Use Chrome.

Really there isn’t much else out there which is a shame.

If you know of any decent spelling/grammar checkers for WordPress let me know in the comments.