What Is A Keyword?

A keyword or phrase is what a person types into Google or other search engines in order to find things.

These keywords are the core of an internet marketing business, as it is your job to find the right keywords that will help bring targeted search traffic to your site.

Keywords come in two different flavours:


Short Tail Keywords.

These are normally one or two word keywords, and typically are very broad in nature or represent a brand.

Examples of these would be: Apple, Mens Shoes, or WordPress themes.

As you can see these sort of keywords will result in a massive amount of results on the search page and it will be of a general nature (unless brand specific)


Long Tail Keywords

This type of keyword is normally 3+ words or a phrase. These generally help narrow down a search, enabling it to become more focused and return better results.

These are the sort of keywords an internet marketer should be looking to use.

Examples of this would be: how to make money online, Samsung nexus 7 tablet review, how to take better photos.

As you can see they are more focused, and depending on what the visitor is after, can be focused even more.


Research Keywords

This are typical long tail keywords which are sued by people in order to find some information out before making a purchase. These can be focused on by a marketer as you can presell a product well enough to turn a researcher into a buyer.

These sort of keywords contain words like review, compare, scam, etc.


Buying Keywords

No you don’t need to pay for them, what this means is that the type of keyword where the searcher is wanting to buy the product and just needs a little push or the right deal to spring out at them. Buying keywords normally contain things like, buy, best price, discount, cheap.


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