What Is Article Marketing?

A lot of people new to internet marketing, often ask what is article marketing all about?

Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to start your internet marketing career.

The basic process behind this is that you will create a website in your niche and populate it with the reviews or articles that will entice visitors to click your affiliate links to potentially earn you money.

Then you will need to write separate articles that don’t go on your site, but on other sites such as Street Articles or Ezine Articles which are specialized websites called article directories. You could even have your articles placed on other peoples sites, if its quality and relevant to their own site.

I like to call these articles Feeder Articles as they feed your website in two ways.

Firstly they provide Backlinks to your site which can help in increasing your search engine SERP ranking (SERP means Search Engine Results Page, and is what you will see when you type something into Google etc and hit enter).

Secondly they can actively send you visitors as these articles will either have links embedded in the text that link to your site (ideally to the relevant article on your site) or what’s called an Author Bio box that contains a link to your site.

These articles if well written can also help raise awareness of your brand (if you have gone down the Authority site route) which is great. It always wonderful to see that people have actually googled your site name or directly visited your site by typing the name into the browser bar.

Article marketing is also an extremely cheap way of generating traffic to your site, as all it requires is your time and effort, and it even helps to teach you how to write copy that sells.