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Review sites are the bread and butter of internet marketing, from widgets to mansions, if you can find a niche to market to review sites can be an effective way to do it.

Whilst there are some themes out there that specifically cater for review sites such as InReview by Elegant Themes, sometimes you just want to be able to add the capability to an existing site, or a preferred theme that isn’t a review theme.

Here’s a selection of WordPress plugins that allow you to easily convert your site into a review theme.

WP Review Engine

WP Review Engine

This plugin combines a lot of different features that you would normally find in a Premium review site theme.

Whilst a lot of the features are fairly standard in this type of plugin, there’s a few that really stand out:

Comparison Table

These sort of tables are great for allowing users to quickly and easily scan the information and find a review they would like to read. Easy to set up too.

Google Maps Integration

If your site is focused on local reviews (dentists, golf courses, etc) then this addition is brilliant for the user, allowing them to easily see the business in relation to themselves

Zip Code Search

Continuing with the local theme, this allows users to find reviews based on a distance from their postcode, an awesome feature that brings your site from a standard review site to something a bit more interactive and useful.

There are plenty more features available in the plugin too:

Admin Rating System

Allows the post author to set the rating for the review

User Ratings

Allows users to rate the product within the comments

Cloak Affiliate Links

No need for an extra plugin to do this.

Custom Rating Fields

Allows you to set what the product is rated for i.e. picture quality and sound quality for HD tvs.

Various Images

13 stars, 23 button types and 6 comparison table looks are included so no need to design your own.

Auto Comment Generation

A little bit black hat but useful for a starting site, allows you to spin comments for your product reviews.

Top Rated Posts First

You can change your post order so that the highest rated review comes first.


Top Rated Posts and Recent Reviews (comments)

WP Review Engine Website

WP Review Site

WP Review SiteWP Review Site has all the usual features of a review site plugin, including the local aspect with Google maps integration.

The plugin seems solid and useable but nothing really screamed out that this was the best bang for your buck.

One other thing that bugged me on this was the fact that you have to pay extra to get the ability to add ratings as a post author, which seems really counter intuitive.

Some features of the plugin:

User Ratings

Allows you allow visitors to rate the product

Comparison Tables

Easy to add comparison tables

Sort posts by ratings/number of reviews

Google Maps Integration

Great for local listings and directories


Top Rated and Recent Reviews


Embedded schema – only in the supplied themes.

2 Themes

These are supplied with the plugin for easy integration.

WP Review Site Website


My Review PluginThis plugin has to be my favourite Review Site Plugin that I have come across. It allows you to change every feature you can think of within the site related to the reviews, but importantly it does it on two levels, a simple mode for users that don’t need fine control of everything and then an advanced option to allow extremely fine control, and still without having to touch the code.

It also comes with all the features that you expect in a WordPress review site plugin, plus a few extra.

User Reviews

Standard user reviews via comments

Editors Reviews

Not Just Stars

Provides different options to review than just stars – letter grades, percentage, pass/fail options. And viewable in the dashboard which so many review plugins lack.

Post Order with Bayesian Weighting

A fancy way of saying it will sort reviews in rating order but reviews with just one user rating 5 out of 5 rating, will not skew the results.

Custom Comment Fields

Allow the users to rate the product on different categories

Custom Fields

Rate the product with different categories

Comparison Tables

One step ahead of the competition, MyReviewPlugin provides not just horizontal comparison tables, but vertical ones too.


A free service that allows you to add screenshots of a website, should you not have a product image. Handy and built into the plugin

Google Maps Integration


Top Rated and Recent Comments

Works with any theme – these guys have really worked to make this plugin compatible with any theme, and allow you to change whats shown, what it looks like and where, down to the pixel. Not just that, it has a drag and drop system in built. These combine to allow even non coders to control the look of the site exactly.


Yeah the plugin comes with bonuses! How awesome is that. Not only that but its not the usual “here have a free theme” type bonus, but actually useful ones.

Dr Link

Replaces every occurrence of a keyword with an affiliate link

Import Man

Allows you to add content to your site via a CSV file (spreadsheet) and even drip feed the data

Little Comment Man

Allows you to spin comments allowing you to go from zero comments to tens, hundreds, whatever you want, in a matter of minutes.

MyReviewPlugin Website

MyReviewPlugin WPReviewEngine WP Review Site
Easy to do
Easy to do
Easy to do
Fits into any theme  tick
Comparison Charts
Horizontal and Vertical
User reviews
CSV Import
Google Maps
Rich Snippets
Post Sorting




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